Metronet South Elgin Illinois

Metronet Internet Access Fiber Optic Service for South Elgin Businesses

Axxess Telecom is a Metronet Authorized Partner Providing customers access to the Latest in Internet and Business Phone System Solutions.

We assist South Elgin businesses with the sales, support and implementation of  the best telecom providers.  Metronet’s all fiber to the premise network, will provide your South Elgin Illinois business with access to blazing fast internet speeds (up to 1 gigabit) for a variety of telecom applications, including:

  • Business Fiber WAN (Wide Area Network)
  • Fiber Voice for Business
  • Fiber PRI Phone Service
  • Fiber Hosted PBX Service
  • Stunning HDTV



 MetroNet’s 100% fiber optic network delivers blazing-fast Internet speeds. And, since our network is the only 100% fiber network run directly to your home, it’s the only one that delivers consistently fast speeds, 24/7, with no connection sharing and no slowdowns �” whether you’re downloading or uploading.

  • Blazing-fast download speeds up to 1 Gigabit
  • Super-fast upload speeds up to 250 Mbps
  • Consistent speeds 24/7 �” with no sharing
  • Web surfing in the blink of an eye
  • Speeds that make streaming hi-res video and gaming on multiple computers incredibly fast and easy
  • No modem to buy or rent

100% fiber from MetroNet delivers South Elgin businesses with blazing-fast Internet, that will allow you and your employees to share huge files, videos and diagnostic images in seconds.  With our standard speeds of 50/20 Mbps, which is twice as fast as other providers’ starting speeds,  all the way up to an amazing 1 Gigabit per second both uploading and downloading. We can customize an Internet solution that meets your business’ needs�”and puts you light years ahead of the competition.

Also, unlike cable, 100% fiber runs straight from the source to your business through a secure, direct line. So, your connection is yours alone, and you never have to worry about your Internet speed slowing down whether you’re uploading or downloading, even during peak usage times.

Metronet’s fiber optic service allows businesses to operate at the speed of light. With virtually unlimited bandwidth, your business will have a competitive advantage through reliability and the security of a dedicated connection.


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